Pioneers in Infra Projects and sustainable renewable energy, Ohm Power & Infra (OHM) is formed by a thought driven, award winning & visionary group of technocrats dedicated to a vision for a greener tomorrow. Driven by unyielding determination to enable sustainable development, our products are designed, manufactured & quality tested in line with international standards to deliver the best quality of products for our consumers.

Our products are manufactured with the most advanced revolutionary technologies so as to reduce the use of grid power and in the process sustain and generate eco friendly and renewable energy. To achieve this goal we have products with various combinations to produce power with various natural resources like wind, solar and water. We managed to build products with various capacities to suit our customers’ requirements.

Project Development and Finance

In collaboration with our principle company we have deployed large solar project pipelines around the world. In addition, we also facilitate Solar farms and financing for large plants.

Grid Integration and Plant Control Systems

OHM offers the most advanced grid integration capability in the PV industry, providing PV plants that actively stabilize the electricity grid and operate more like traditional electricity generation plants. Advanced features of our grid integration systems includes the ability to regulate voltage, curtail active power when necessary, limit the rate of change of power, prevent trips during faults and disturbances, and react to changes in grid frequency.

PV Modules

Our solar modules products are amongst the world’s most advanced PV power plants. With a proven performance advantage over crystalline silicon technologies, our thin film solar modules deliver higher energy yields at elevated temperatures due to a lower temperature coefficient. Beyond temperatures of 25°C, First Solar modules produce more energy for the same nameplate watts and provide stronger plant performance in high temperature climates.

Balance of Systems Components

OHM has made significant improvements to balance the system components to optimize the entire PV power plant and reduce lifecycle costs. Our proprietary data acquisition, plant control, and mounting systems are just a few examples of plant optimizing technologies that enable us to provide reliable and predictable solar energy, increased energy yields and system availabilities, faster construction velocities, and a lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE).

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Our engineering and construction capabilities are unmatched in the solar industry. We have designed and constructed some of the world’s largest 1.5GW PV power plants and currently have a 2GW contracted power plant project in our pipeline. Our knowledge, experience, and technical excellence ensure every OHM power plant is optimized for specific project and delivered to order, whether directly by OHM or through a local construction partner.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Our experience in plant optimization and maximizing energy output have led us to developed the most advanced operations and maintenance program in the PV industry. With collaboration of principle companies who has more than 1.5 GWh of total energy generated from plants under operation to date, OHM currently operates nearly 30+ utility-scale PV power plants with a fleet availability of over 99%. Our advanced O&M provides our customers higher energy output and system availability, industry leading PV forecasting, and is backed by a power plant availability guarantee.


OHM is helping to shape renewable energy discussions and policies around the world, leveraging our global experience to share best practices between markets. By actively participating in economic and energy associations and collaborating with regulatory officials around the world, we are currently advancing the regulatory framework for a sustainable solar market.


OHM delivers sustainable energy solutions from an environmental, social, and economic perspective with the international tie-ups. Our power plants have the smallest carbon footprint and fastest energy payback time in the industry. Our products have displaced tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent of powering approximately 1000’s homes based on average Indian home.